A New Vision for The Future of Canterbury: Send your ideas by 30th September

Do you have views on how you would like Canterbury to develop over the next few years? If so, you can participate in the ‘Canterbury Vision’. We are preparing to publish a Vision for the Future of our City, explaining how the city can develop in the best possible way in a range of areas including the quality of the built environment, the provision of jobs, traffic, air quality, reduction of homelessness, open spaces and access to affordable housing.

The broad aims of this new Vision are to highlight what is good about Canterbury, to present the issues and challenges that need addressing if the city is to continue be a good place in which to live, and to suggest policies to deal with those challenges.

The Canterbury Society has now set up a working group to take the Vision forward. Its job is to listen to residents’ concerns about the city, to distribute a questionnaire which will collect the views of as wide a range of local people as possible.

The responses to the questionnaire will provide a basis for writing the Vision, which will be put together by a team of volunteers in the autumn. Please respond as soon as possible and by 30th September at the latest. We hope that a final version of the New Vision will be available about next February, in time to provide useful material to help inform people of local concerns before the Local Elections in May 2019.

You can get a copy of the Vision questionnaire by emailing: geoff.meaden@gmail.com

He will send it to you and you can fill it in and email it back to him. If you have queries please contact Geoff on: 01227 752275.

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