What do we do?

Responsibility for enhancing the quality of life in Canterbury cannot be left solely in the hands of councillors, their officials and their advisors, welcome though their efforts are. It also requires the interest and participation of ordinary citizens.

However, it is hard for individuals working alone to make a difference in the city.

This is the role which a community-based organisation like the Canterbury Society can play. We are a diverse group of local people, with a shared sense of civic pride and community spirit.

We provide a forum and a focus for those who love Canterbury, and give people a voice on issues which matter. We take issues of concern to both the Council and the local business community, whose decisions have a major impact on life in the city. While they may not always agree with us, we always try to maintain excellent working relations

On a day-to-day basis, we volunteer our time and energy to hold public meetings and lobby key decision-makers. We speak to the press, and work with local amenity groups, shops and traders, the police and national organizations like Civic Voice and English Heritage – indeed, everyone who helps us to make Canterbury the wonderful city it is. We review planning applications and respond to consultations on the future of the city. And we commend good work when we see it.

We also do hands-on activities. We believe in people power. We don’t always wait for someone else to do things that matter to our city. We pick up litter, clean graffiti, and from time to time wade into the River Stour to remove junk. We host talks, walks and events which are open and accessible to all.

In short, we are here to represent you, the residents of Canterbury, in making the city a better place for all.

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