Bothered by Traffic Jams and Air Pollution?  Pressure from The Canterbury Society has had an effect…

Many members of the Canterbury Society are concerned about traffic congestion, pollution and poor air quality in the city.  These problems are only likely to get worse as around 16,000 new dwellings are built in the district over the coming years.  The result will be damaging, not only to health and the quality of life of local people and visitors, but also to the economic well-being of the city.

The Society’s active engagement with this issue goes back to 2013 when we published A Sustainable Transport Blueprint for Canterbury’ by Lynn Sloman of Transport for Quality of Life.  Since then members of the Society have taken part in Stephen Peckham’s research on air quality, discussed the issue with developers, handed out leaflets asking drivers to turn off their engines, supported plans for bus routes and for a car free day, and successfully petitioned the council to set up a Sustainable Transport Forum to improve matters.

So we were delighted that the full Council meeting voted in October to set up the new Sustainable Transport Forum – though the membership of the Forum is still not wide enough for the enormous and complicated task ahead.

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