Do you want a Town Council for Canterbury?

Meeting at 7.30 on Tuesday 3 October, St Peter’s Methodist Church Hall

Canterbury City Council is currently carrying out a Community Governance Review. This is looking at how local democracy works, how the council is organised and how the community can get involved in local decisions. The Review might result in creating a town council in Canterbury, or it might lead to smaller community councils for parts of the city – or to an expanded role for the Canterbury Area Member Panel.

There are many options and nothing is set in stone. So come along to hear about the issues, join in the discussion and decide what you think about having a Town Council. Speakers at the meeting will put forward the arguments for and against different ways of running things. The City Council’s consultation ends on 6 October, so this event could help you decide what you want for our city. To find out more about the consultation click here.

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