Housing Needs Review Interim Report – corrected

(letter from CCC’s Karen Britton,  Planning Policy Manager)

I am writing to advise you that the CDLP 5.7 Housing Needs Review Interim Report, Canterbury City Council, April 2015 Reference 12777/MS/MT has been added to the document library. This replaces version Housing Needs Review Reference 12777/MS, which was an earlier working version placed on the [Council’s] website in error. The Housing Needs Review Interim Report April 2015 12777/MS/MT is the updated version that went to the meeting of the Executive on 23 April 2015.

The Interim Report contains more up to date and complete information. The differences between the earlier version of the report and this newer version include some text changes and the inclusion of the following pieces of analysis:

  • Analysis in the Market Signals section concerning homelessness data and households accepted as being homeless and in priority need (paragraph 4.18 – 4.20);
  • A discussion of relevant data sources to explain why different proportions of gross household income may be relevant in calculating how many households are in affordable housing need (paragraph 5.20); and
  • The analysis of existing households falling into need as part of the future affordable housing needs calculation has been updated to avoid a double counting of those in the CLG Local Authority Live Table who were previously living with family or friends (within section 5.0).

This is the version that the Council will be referring to in the forthcoming Local Plan hearings.

We apologise for this administrative error, and have notified all consultees who made comments on the submission Local Plan as soon as the error became apparent. The Council has also notified the Inspector Mr Mike Moore.

Yours sincerely,

Karen Britton

Planning Policy Manager, Planning Policy Team, CCC.  Tel: 01227 862 199

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