Marlowe Museum Project

The Canterbury Society is represented on the Marlowe Museum Project, and reports the following.

A committee led by academic Joanna Labon has been working to increase the public’s awareness of the importance of Marlowe to Canterbury, in an attempt to replicate the profile that Shakespeare has to Stratford. This is about to start happening.

Joanna has been appointed by the Marlowe Theatre on a two year contract to run exhibitions and events on Marlowe in the about to be converted Poor Priests Hospital, (re-named The Marlowe-Kit), and a room is hoped to be available where archives and the book collection on Marlowe can be accommodated. This has achieved some of the first aims of the Project, so that school workshops, drama and interactive Marlowe related events will now be possible in a settled base. The ex-archbishop Rowan Williams has kindly agreed to be patron of the Marlowe Museum Project.

Other aims include a statue in a prominent place, possibly by the church tower in the High Street, the remains of the church in which he was christened. A sculptor is in the process of producing some ideas which the Marlowe Museum Project will be discussing with the Commemoration Society shortly.

Other ideas to raise the profile of Marlowe are to approach KCC to have road signs outside the city announcing that one is entering the the City of Marlowe.

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