Marlowe Museum project

Committee member Diana Holbrook has been invited to represent the Canterbury Society on the Committee of the newly founded Marlowe Museum project.

There is surprisingly no Marlowe Museum in the world, and it seems overdue that one should be set up in the city where Christopher Marlowe was born, and educated.  The group is endeavouring to find a suitable venue to have as a visitor centre, small museum and activity space, and currently is investigating the possibility of converting the St. George’s clock tower, the remains of the church in which he was christened.

The project was launched at the Beaney on his birthday  the 26th February, with a celebratory cake,  cut by the Lady Mayoress.  Anyone interested in getting involved in this project, with in particular IT skills, please contact the secretary Sally Elkerton at

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  1. What an interesting project. My main subject area is history and I’m particularly interested in Marlowe and the very suspicious events leading to his murder. I hope your plans for the museum are successful. I’d certainly visit.

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