Proposed Development at Thanington

During the week 28th November to 2nd December 2016 various members of the Canterbury Society Committee attended a series of public consultation workshops, organised by the Prince’s Foundation, to discuss proposals by Pentland for the development of its site in Thanington, comprising 750 houses initially, with the possibility of another 400 on an unspecified adjacent site.

The scheme under discussion is located on the high ground near the junction roundabout and railway bridge in Thanington.  In addition to housing, the proposals include a site for the Pilgrims Hospice, a nursing home, a school, shops and workshops.

The attendees were divided into four groups, and their comments and suggestions were then gathered and presented for discussion by the Prince’s Foundation representative.  It appeared that many of these were taken on board by the developer, and they included the re-siting of the nursing home from where it had been proposed, and modifications to the shopping area and school entrance, with the aspiration to form a better sense ‘of place’ and a central focus to the development. The developer explained his intentions for the housing to echo the vernacular housing of Wye.

The Committee members attending felt that it had been a worthwhile exercise,  and that the developer had been open to criticisms and suggestions, but reserve judgement until the scheme is presented formally for planning approval.  Unresolved was concern expressed by the local residents about traffic access in and out of the site to the adjacent A28.

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