Talk by Rosie Duffield, MP on “New Year, New Canterbury”

7.30 pm on Friday 20 April, at the United Reformed Church, Canterbury

We are delighted that the talk by Rosie Duffield, the MP for the Canterbury district, which was to have taken place in January, has now been re-scheduled for April.  The topic will be ‘New Year, New Canterbury’ and we have asked Rosie to give us her views on some of the issues facing the city now and in the future.  She has said that she will give a short talk but is really happier with question and answer sessions: so do bring your questions to the event.

The Canterbury Society is strictly non-party political, but very much engaged with all debates related to the quality of life in the city. In 2014 we invited Julian Brazier, our former MP, to give us a talk entitled, ‘My Vision for the Future of Canterbury’.  So now we have asked our new MP to give us her vision for the future of the city.  The hall is next to the bus station and there is parking in the Watling Street car park.  All welcome.  Refreshments provided.

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