Canterbury West Car Park Consultation

Station Road West Car Park, Station Road West, Canterbury:  deadline 1 March

Ref:  CA//17/02915  Proposed 3-storey car park together with formation of additional access.

This is the planning application for a multi-storey car park in Station Road West.  There are already a number of criticisms of this application on the council website.  For example, it has been suggested that the building of the proposed car park will lead to an increase in air pollution and traffic congestion and that the design of the car park is bland and overlarge and not appropriate in a conservation area which is also a historic entry to the city.  It is argued that creating an access to the station from Roper Road, with a drop-off point, would do more to ease traffic problems in the area and be less intrusive.

To comment on this planning application, and to view the comments which have already been made, click here.

Alternatively you can email your comments to the council at:

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