Kingsmead Field

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Kingsmead Field is one of the most significant open spaces left in the city centre. It is located next to the Leisure Centre and the Children’s Centre. With a large green area for dog walking and playing football, a wild flower meadow and a frontage to the River Stour, it is a much-used and much-loved space. It is a haven for wild life and the last remnant of the once-extensive water meadows which gave Kingsmead its name. In addition, the field is surrounded by housing and located in a part of the city which has high levels of deprivation and a shortage of play places.

However, Kingsmead is threatened with development. When this threat first emerged local people banded together to protect the Field. They applied for Village Green status for much of the area and have succeeded in getting that same part of the field declared a Protected Open Space by the City Council. But there is still a threat to part of the field, and sadly it is the part which includes the wild flower meadow and a hedge, which is a crucial corridor used by wild life to move about this increasingly urban area. At the time of writing part of Kingsmead Field is safe but the fight to save the rest of the Field goes on.

You can find out more about this issue and about progress in protecting Kingsmead Field.

You can also follow the Save Kingsmead Field Campaign on Twitter.

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