Civic Voice

The Canterbury Society was a founder member of Civic Voice in 2010 and is supportive of the organisation and its work to promote civic pride, both locally and at national level.

Civic Voice was established in 2010, as the national organisation for the civic society movement which dates back to 1846, when organisations like The National Trust and The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings were originally set up.  Civic Voice has the dual role of building the strength and reputation of the movement and of using that strength at national level to influence decision-making on a range of issues that are of concern to the five hundred civic societies across the country.

Civic Voice is a registered charity whose work is overseen by a board of trustees all of whom are active in their own local civic societies as well as at national level. Griff Rhys Jones is The President of Civic Voice.

For more information visit the Civic Voice website


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