Kent Federation of Amenity Societies

The Kent Federation of Amenity Societies (KFAS) was formed in 1964 and celebrated its 50 Anniversary in May 2014. The society was formed as a networking organisation for civic societies in Kent at a time when many of our towns and villages were under threat from the prevailing attitude to the demolition of historic building in Conservations Areas to make way for new modern buildings of inferior or unsuitable design. Civic Societies such as the original Canterbury Society, The Ramsgate Society, The Rochester Society, The Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society, The Wield of Kent Protection Society, The Sevenoaks Society, The Margate Society and many others were all formed at about this time and continue to be active in their local areas.

Their concerns are still very much the same as when these societies were originally founded. Town planning has always been high on the agenda and civic societies nationally are the largest single participants in the planning system. The range of activates varies from society to society and  many are engaged in securing improvements to the public realm, in tree planting, litter campaigns, issues around local democracy such as governance in their local authorities, and generally acting as custodians of the civic realm in their areas.
KFAS organises a number of meetings and conference each year, which provide the opportunity for civic societies across Kent to get together and talk about matters of mutual interest.

The Canterbury Society has always been a strong supporter of KFAS as it enables us keeps in touch with other societies in the county who together form part of the wider civic society movement.

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