Residents’ groups

Like all cities, Canterbury is formed of many parts, rather like a jigsaw puzzle. Each small area has its own identity and its own benefits – and challenges – often best understood by its own residents. People living in that specific geographic community come together to address issues within their local area and act as a voice for their local community.

The Canterbury Society works with residents’ associations whenever possible and really values their input on local issues. Many residents’ associations are affiliated to the Society. For this they get all the information that goes to members and three free members’ places at events, when there are charges for non-members (Click here to find out how to affiliate).

Below is a list of Residents’ Associations in Canterbury. Where these associations have an internet presence, we have linked to their websites ( blue and underlined.)

Barton Residents’ Association
Collins Road Residents’ Association
Craddock Road Residents’ Association
Fir Tree Close & Ross Gardens Residents’ Association
Hoath, Chislet and Upstreet Residents’ Association
Langton and Nackington Residents’ Association
Manor Close Residents’ Association
Market Way Residents’ Association
Oaten Hill and District Society
St Dunstan’s Residents’ Association
St Peter’s Association
St Michael’s Road Residents’ Association
St Mildred’s Area Community Society (SMACS)
St.Stephen’s Resident’s Association
St Stephens Road and Close Residents’ Association
South Canterbury Residents’ Association
Wincheap Society

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