About Us

What is The Canterbury Society?

The Canterbury Society is concerned with maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in our city. We aim to respond to the concerns of our members and to the issues of the day which means we spend much of our time focusing on topics such as:

  • Architecture and the built environment
  • Transport, including cars, road, rail and cycling
  • Open spaces and the natural environment
  • Jobs and the local economy
  • Historic buildings and heritage
  • Litter, graffiti and night time disturbance
  • Governance in the city
  • Tourism, arts and culture
  • Leisure facilities for young people
  • Creating an inclusive community

However, if there are issues that concern you, or a project that you are passionate about, do contact us or come to one of our meetings and make your views known about what you think we should be doing.

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Governance Practice and Policies

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