Historic buildings and Heritage:

  • Founding member of Alliance of Historic Cities and Towns (Historic England)
  • Annual Civic Champion Award for individuals who have made a major contribution to the city. 
  • Organising the annual Canterbury Heritage Open Days
  • Blue Plaques Awards


  • Working with local ‘EMIC/BLM’ initiatives
  • Campaigning for a purpose built, state of the art hospital located in Canterbury
  • Collaborating with funding for the Canterbury Food Bank

Submitting consultations to Canterbury City Council:

Governance in the City:

  • Setting-up with other civic partners the Canterbury Town Forum, replacing the one abolished by the City Council
  • Founding member of Canterbury Forum

Sustainability and Action on Climate Change:

  • Partnering with Canterbury Alliance for Sustainable Transport (CAST)

Open Spaces and the Natural Environment:

  • Helping to set up the Save Wincheap Water Meadows lobbying group
  • ePetition calling on Canterbury City Council to adopt a Pollinator Action Plan (26/05/2020 to 30/09/2020 obtained 2022 signatures.) CCC has agreed to adopt a Pollinator Action Plan. Supporting CCC with drawing up a Pollinator Action Plan.
  • Lobbying Canterbury City Council to adopt a Canterbury Tree Strategy
  • Member of Canterbury Biodiversity Network
  • Working with the Canterbury Riverside Group
  • Working with the Canterbury BiD to prepare for Canterbury in Bloom 2021
  • Maintaining and promoting the Butterfly Garden in Pound Lane and Solly’s Orchard
  • Maintaining and promoting the flower beds along the Franciscan Way
  • Managing the ‘Canterbury Trees’ FB group, which was set up to help protect Canterbury’s trees, share information about tree planting projects, and to promote awareness, in the local community, of the beauty, ecological importance and benefits of trees to the environment.
  • Managing the Wild Canterbury FB group, which was set up to promote and create awareness of the importance of Canterbury’s biodiversity, and to share information about projects and initiatives to protect and enhance biodiversity and nature-based solutions in the local area.
  • Encouraging Nature Friendly Gardens: talks and workshops.
  • Organising Canterbury Tree Week – part of National Tree Week 2021.

Litter and graffiti:

  • Working with the Canterbury Litter Round Table and managing the Canterbury ‘grot spots’ FB group to enable residents to flag up areas of fly-tipping, litter or graffiti and to help publicise initiatives to tackle these problems.
  • Organising litter-picks – annual street and river projects.

Architecture and the Built Environment:

  • Ongoing comments on development proposals and planning applications to Canterbury City Council
  • Organising the biennial Canterbury Society Design Awards (with awards under various categories including new buildings, urban spaces, retrofits, housing, …)
  • Working with Canterbury City Council on the production of its revised shopfront guidelines
  • Campaigning for the abolition of plastic windows in conservation areas
  • Re-furbishing of St Dunstan’s pedestrians’ underpass (completed November 2020)
  • Photographic Competition to celebrate National Meadows Day
  • Setting up Blue Plaque programme with CCC


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