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Welcome…..As Chair of the canterbury Society, may I wish you a Happy New Year. The coming year can hardly be worse than 2020. Sadly Covid19 totally disrupted our programme of events planned for this past year but, of course, we hope things will improve in 2021 with the arrival of the vaccine. Even so your Committee has been working very hard over the past year please click on Current Projects.

Best wishes and keep well.


Richard Scase (Chair)

Our aim is to enhance the quality of the City’s environment. To preserve and improve its architecture, its green spaces and its transport, to combat litter and graffiti. We regard the economic and social welfare of our citizens as something that has to be protected. Community governance and social cohesion are important to us. We provide a forum for local discussion and debate but we are strictly non-political. Often we partner with the Council and with other City civic associations that share similar objectives.

We cannot operate without member subscriptions. All our work is voluntary and unpaid but we have to pay for room bookings, insurance, and printing costs for posters and leaflets.

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