Climate Change: the next big Crisis by John Walker

When I was out on my permitted daily exercise the other day I was reading Greta Thunberg’s Climate Change Speech to the UK Parliament on 23rd April 2019 — exactly a year to the day! It’s a real alarm call to our politi-cians at both national and local level to wake up to what is going on with the next big crisis — Climate Change — before it is too late.

It is almost inevitable now that the next major international crisis will start in 2030 when the consequences of putting off urgent action on Climate Change will start coming home to roost. The consequences for the world economy and for the survival of human beings on the planet could make the Coronavirus pandemic seem like a tea party by comparison.

Greta Thunberg put this most powerfully in her speech to the UK Parliament on 23rd April 2019 calling for politicians to act now before it’s too late.

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