The Canterbury Society campaigns to enhance the quality of the environment in the city. We aim to preserve and enhance Canterbury’s architecture and urban environment, its green spaces and its transport system, and to combat litter, graffiti and night-time disturbance. We also care deeply about jobs and prosperity, community cohesion and good governance in the city. We provide a focus and a forum for those who love Canterbury, and give people a voice on issues which matter.

Ptolemy Dean critical of Slatters Hotel proposals

Presenter of BBC’s Restoration criticises Guy Hollaway’s plans to redevelop Canterbury’s Slatters Hotel A TV architect has launched a withering attack on a controversial city centre hotel scheme – accusing developers of “kebabbing” Canterbury’s historic buildings. Ptolemy Dean, presenter of the BBC’s Restoration series, claims the city could “come to regret” the proposed Slatters Hotel […]


Future of the Dominican Priory revealed

The Dominican Priory is one of the most important medieval buildings in the city, with its beautiful location by the River Stour.  It has been owned since the 1940s by Don and Poppy Beerling, who were extremely generous in making it available for community groups to use:  the Canterbury Society held many meetings there. When […]


Chaucer Fields Village Green Application – inquiry on now

If you are concerned about Chaucer Fields, this week you can attend the Public Enquiry into the application to protect this space as a Village Green.  The applicants are seeking to prove that the area has been used for public recreation (walking, playing, picnicking, kite flying, dog walking, sledging and so on) for 20 years […]


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