Sensory Walk Round Canterbury

This Sensory Walk is an innovative event that invites pedestrians to a sensory walk in the city centre of Canterbury.  Organised by the Centre for Architecture and Sustainable Environment (C.A.S.E. University of Kent), the walk aims to study the experience of pedestrian movement through a city.  How comfortable do we…

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House of Lords Select Committee


The House of Lords has set up a Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment – more details can be found on their website – to address the question: “How do we create a better built environment?” As their website explains: Issues around housing and the built environment are a pressing concern…

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Canterbury Society Design Awards 2015

The Canterbury Society is setting up a new Design Award, which we hope to give to a high quality new development in the city.  The Society regularly comments on planning applications and we have observed that the standards of design vary greatly, with some new developments enhancing our city, while…

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This Week at the Council

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Coming up at Canterbury City Council between Monday 5 and Sunday 11 October: Committee meetings Tuesday 6 October – Herne Bay Area Member Panel Planning applications A total of 39 new planning applications are now available to view and comment on. Bin collections Find out if there have been delays to…

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Launch of the Historic Cathedral Cities Alliance: 24th October

The Historic Cathedral Cities Alliance is a new venture, which will be launched at 11.15 am on Saturday 24thOctober 2015 at the Civic Voice Annual Convention in the Priory Church of St James, Bristol. The Canterbury Society has worked with Civic Voice to set up this initiative, which reflects the…

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English Heritage Open Days: 10-13 September


Heritage Open Days are a national celebration of England’s fantastic architecture and culture and offer FREE access to properties that are normally closed to the public or which charge for admission. This year there are more buildings than ever open in the Canterbury area – thanks to Diana Holbrook, who organises…

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Participation in Planning

Planning Committees in historic cities like Canterbury face many difficult decisions. On the one hand, there is a relentless pressure for growth and for much-needed housing, but there is also concern about conserving the buildings and street scenes which make such places special. On the one hand, central government is…

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Local Plan submitted for examination

All the information you need in one place The hearing sessions start Tuesday 14 July at 10am, at The Franciscan International Study Centre, Giles Lane, Canterbury CT2 7NA. Tea and coffee will be available to purchase at the venue, however please note that food is not available. Note: On 21 July, the hearing session…

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