Cllr Rachel Carnac gives first interview as Deputy Leader

Conservative Rachel Carnac is the Canterbury City Councillor for Reculver ward, and has just been elected Deputy Leader of the Council and Deputy Leader of the Conservative group. Tipped as a high-flyer, she was appointed chair of one of Canterbury City Council’s (CCC’s) main committees soon after her election in…


Councillor Mel Dawkins

Saxophone player and music teacher Mel Dawkins, Labour Councillor for St Stephen’s, was elected for the first time in May 2019. She talks to Neasa MacErlean about the City’s soul, cycling, how she sets her agenda and many other issues. What is it like being a Councillor? Is it what…


Poetry and the city: Clifford Liles

How much does Canterbury inspire poets? How much does it act as a cradle for the act of writing? Clifford Liles became serious about writing poetry after he moved here. He talks to Neasa MacErlean about inspiration, love and beauty. NM: You lived in Canterbury for over a decade before…


Professor Richard Norman: could Canterbury be a new Athens?

Does Canterbury have anything in common with ancient Athens? Are we living out the lessons of moral philosophy — or are we closer to living in a jungle? What did lockdown teach us? And what are Trump and other populists showing us about our democratic values? Richard Norman, Emeritus Professor…


Julie Board: How can you create something out of nothing?

Julie Board has worked with hundreds of people in Canterbury, helping them to help each other without expecting anything back. She talks to Neasa MacErlean about how she has approached this in the Women’s Institute, the Hub Cafe, the Fridge Food Bank and the Re-pair Café. (The photo shows Julie…


Dr Tim Noble: GP’s View

How did our GP surgeries work together during lockdown? What role did the Canterbury Mosque play? What changes will we notice when we consult our medics in future? Dr Timothy Noble of the University of Kent’s Medical Centre gives his personal account.  When I was first asked to write an…


Sam & Richard Snoad: dentistry during lockdown

Sam Snoad, managing director at the Castle Street Dental Practice, and her husband, Richard Snoad, a specialist dentist at the practice and its co-director, talk to Neasa MacErlean about the effect of coronavirus on dentists; and what patients can expect as Lockdown ends. As the NHS was ring-fenced, dental patients…


Dr Tim Noble: Mental Health Awareness Week

We are marking Mental Health Week with an article from Dr Tim Noble, head of the University of Kent’s Medical Centre. Dr Noble has been a partner at the University Medical Centre for over twenty-five years where all the practitioners have an interest in student health with an emphasis on…


Professor Stephen Peckham: Air Quality

Stephen Peckham is well-known in Canterbury for his work on Air Quality. He also has a global reputation for the work he does as Director of the Centre for Health Services Studies at the University of Kent. One of the roles of the Centre is to examine the relationship between…


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