Philanthropy lives, ok! by Stewart Ross

Skating through my social media pages this week, I came across a contributor slating today’s super rich for not emulating their public-spirited Victorian antecedents. Instead of frittering their fortunes on yachts and Caribbean islands, the writer suggested, they might choose to fund museums and galleries. Presumably the writer had in…


Towards a Greener Canterbury

by Beverley Paton, Chair of the ‘Green and Biodiversity’ Working Group and Deputy Chair of the Canterbury Society There are initiatives in the city that are making Canterbury a greener and more enjoyable place to live. Through partnership between volunteers, the city council and various charitable organizations including the Canterbury Society,…


Heritage and History, by Stewart Ross

About time too. On Thursday 27 May Canterbury City Council announced an ambitious – and expensive – plan to transform the city into a world-class tourist destination. In April, I lamented the shabby and half-hearted manner in which we present our very special city, and therefore warmly welcome the ‘Canterbury’s…


Canterbury Elections May 2021, by Neasa MacErlean

What do the local election results in Canterbury mean? With a 17 per cent shift to Labour in the county votes in the city centre, they buck the main trend in England — of seven per cent gains by the Conservatives. Local Conservatives would prefer to see them as a…


A Heritage Walk, by Stewart Ross

Last Tuesday I became a tourist. I didn’t pack bags and fly off in defiance of Covid regulations, but paid a visit to my own city, Canterbury, as a putative outsider. I wanted to find out what the place looked and felt like to someone arriving for the first time.…


Reaching Carbon Net Zero – Cllr Dan Watkins

Dan Watkins is the Canterbury City Councillor with the main Climate Change brief. Now that the Council has approved his ‘Climate Action Plan’, what will it mean in practice? Why does it tackle just 2% of our emissions? Will it actually happen? Neasa MacErlean talks to the Conservative councillor for Greenhill (also…


Paul Bennet

One person has done more than anyone else in the last four decades to discover and preserve the archaeology of Canterbury and the nearby area. Paul Bennett retired as Director of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust in late September 2020 — having presided over a remarkable number of archaeological projects. Paul…


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