Professor Stephen Peckham: Air Quality

Stephen Peckham is well-known in Canterbury for his work on Air Quality. He also has a global reputation for the work he does as Director of the Centre for Health Services Studies at the University of Kent. One of the roles of the Centre is to examine the relationship between…


Climate Change: the next big Crisis by John Walker

When I was out on my permitted daily exercise the other day I was reading Greta Thunberg’s Climate Change Speech to the UK Parliament on 23rd April 2019 — exactly a year to the day! It’s a real alarm call to our politi-cians at both national and local level to…


Rosie Duffield MP: Westminster

How have you been organising your life and your office since lockdown? It’s a learning curve. I’m not fabulous on the technology. The team are based in their homes and using their own computers, and iPads and phones. We are doing Zoom calls most mornings. I have two or three…


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