Chapter 1: contents page

Chapter 1: Contents page

Chapter 2: Introduction to the 2019 Vision

Chapter 3: Traffic and transport

Chapter 4: Culture and heritage

Chapter 5: Poverty and homelessness

Chapter 6: Crime and anti-social behaviour

Chapter 7: Governance

Chapter 8: Health and social care

Chapter 9: Housing, planning and the land question

Chapter 10: Social and affordable housing

Chapter 11: Energy, climate and sustainability

Chapter 12: The economy

Chapter 13: Open space, parks and the natural environment

Chapter 14: Public Facilities and Services

Appendix 1

Produced in November 2019 by The Canterbury Society
For further information or comments please contact Geoff Meaden (moc.liamg@nedaem.ffoeG) or call 01227 752275.
Contributors: Geoff Meaden; Jan Pahl; Beverly Paton; Sian Pettman; Hubert Pragnell; Richard Scase;John Walker; Martin Vye; John Yard.
Acknowledgements: The University of Kent, and the many residents of Canterbury who completed our questionnaire

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